Monday, April 8, 2013

"You Can't Flush ANYTHING when You have a Grinder Pump"

(Notice that the headline is in quotes -- you'll learn why.)

As we've discussed on the blog before, new grinder pump owners feel incredibly limited by what they can pour or flush down the drain. They didn't have restrictions when they had septic tanks or gravity sewer systems, they say.

Are you sure?

We added a few video "Likes" to our YouTube channel last week about what not to flush and why. You may be saying, "Thanks for another reason to dislike a grinder pump ..."

Not so fast.

What's interesting about these videos is, not one of them ever mentions a grinder pump! Each video explains what what you should not be putting into the sewer system.

Still not convinced? Check out these links, found during a quick Google search (and have no obvious affiliation to E/One Sewer Systems):
Personal/cleaning wipes are a favorite topic: they're popular consumer items, yet problematic to the wastewater systems (equipment repairs, overtime, etc). Could it be true that people will pay for the convenience of wipes, even pay a plumber to clear a clog, but complain when their taxes go up because of increased sewer rates?

Of course, wipes aren't the only reason we are paying more for sewer. ASCE's Infrastructure Report Card was released a few weeks ago. We'll discuss the D grade that America's wastewater infrastructure received.

We've already started on our Facebook page (you don't need to be a member to view our page, only to add comments).

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