Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grinder Pump Installation: Location, Location, Location

In the April 2013 issue of Onsite Installer magazine, the Basic Training article is about site evaluation and its importance for a successful installation. The article uses septic tanks in its example, but good site evaluation is also important for grinder pump stations.

Following E/One's installation instructions is important because installation problems will void the warranty. E/One specifies proper ballast, back fill, burial depth and finished grade.
Model WH101 grinder pump station from E/One Sewer systems
WH101F grinder pump station

"Site Evaluation: The First Steps" makes the following points, which are also good points to keep in mind when installing grinder pump stations:

On the Property
The grinder pump station should not be installed in a low-lying area where excess water normally collects, swales, or traffic areas. If the station is installed in a low-lying area where water collects, this excess water can enter the station through the vent in the lid and cause the pump to run unnecessarily. Sand and small stones could also enter the station and cause excess wear to the pump stator. E/One's standard station is not traffic rated and should be installed out of the way of traffic.

E/One offers different lid options for floodplain and high flood areas — see the model WH101F grinder pump station (at right) as an example.

Panel Placement 
The alarm panel should be installed where it can be seen and heard easily by the homeowner. After all, the alarm panel's job is to alert the homeowner if the pump experiences any problems.
Incorrect panel location

The photo at right shows an example of where not to install an alarm panel — the panel is completely out of view from the homeowner.

If the panel must be installed in an area that is not easily seen or heard, E/One's Remote Sentry can be installed inside the building.

E/One Installation Instructions
Installation instructions for each model of E/One's grinder pump stations are available on the web site. We also have a video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Questions about E/One grinder pump installation? Contact us via email or 518.346.6161, or contact your local distributor. We're here to help!

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