Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Grinder Pump Alarm: What does it Mean?

E/One grinder pump stations come with alarm panels that will alert you if something goes wrong with the pump. Depending on when your E/One grinder pump was installed, the alarm panel could be a black box with a red light on top; a gray box with a red light on top; the custom-designed E/One Sentry enclosure, with the E/One logo on the front and red light on top; or even a small switch plate inside your home (usually in the kitchen or hallway) with a red light.

What does the alarm mean? Let's look at two different scenarios:

The alarm turns on for a few minutes, then turns off. We refer to this as a "nuisance alarm." If this happens, consider what was happening when the alarm turned on. Do you have a large spa tub or another appliance that uses a lot of water? Emptying a spa tub can send a large inrush of water into the grinder pump station. If the water level in the tank was close to the "on" level, then the large volume of water came from the tub, the pump may not have turned on quickly enough and the pump was overwhelmed temporarily. This type of alarm should turn off after 15 minutes or so.

The alarm turns on for a few minutes, then turns off, but it happens often. Repeated nuisance alarms may be more than a nuisance; they may indicate the early stages of your pump needing service. When the pump is working properly, you shouldn't notice much sound from the pump and not from the alarm panel. But if you're using a typical or reasonable amount water in the house and you get repeated alarms, you may want to call for service.

The alarm turns on and stays on. Service is required because the pump has stopped working. Never, never, never silence the alarm and leave it be. Don't turn off the breakers in hopes of clearing the alarm. Stop using water (or use as little as possible) and call for service. If you continue to use water, you will cause a backup into your home or yard.

Finding a Service Provider

E/One recommends contacting an authorized service center for repair. Using a non-E/One plumber or other pump repair may not be covered by the warranty.

First, start with your town or HOA. Some localities have their own service people or contracts with local repair businesses. If you're responsible for your own service, contact your local E/One distributor or call our Service Link at 1-866-539-9803 (in the US). Some of our distributors have their own service departments, or they can recommend a service provider.

More Information

Visit our web site for more information about grinder pump service. Download and print our Owners Guide for reference; there is space on the back to fill out your local service provider's contact information. If you'd like a copy mailed to you, contact us at eone@eone.com.