Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Product Spotlight: WH101 Grinder Pump Station

The W Series is E/One's most versatile grinder pump station — a range of basins, covers, discharges, inlets and panels are available. Grinder pumps pump wastewater from the home to the central sewer system and/or treatment system through small-diameter pipes.


E/One's model WH101 grinder pump station features a single grinder pump inside an open wetwell tank. The grinder pump, motor controls and level-sensing controls are integated into a compact unit, easily removable for service.

The tank is made from tough, corrosion-resistant HDPE. Fiberglass is available as an option. The optimum tank capacity of 100 gallons is based on studies of water usage patterns. A single WH101 grinder pump station can accommodate the sewage flow from two single-family homes, or up to 700 gallons per day.

The WH101 (with HDPE tank) is designed to accommodate a wide range of depths. The tank height can be adjusted in the field.
Click here for more information about the WH101 grinder pump station.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Get E/One's Catalog on CD

E/One offers all of its drawings, specifications and installation instructions for standard product on the web site. E/One also offers an easy-to-use CD as well. Send an email to eone@eone.com with your mailing address and the subject line "CD Catalog Request" to get your CD.

Monday, March 29, 2010

E/One Grinder Pump Service: Who do I Call?

If your E/One grinder pump requires service, please call our toll-free Service Link number to find the E/One-authorized service center closest to you:


In Canada, please use the Distributor Locator at eone.com.

E/One recommends using an authorized service center to ensure you're getting the best service available.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sign Up for E/One's Email Newsletters

E/One publishes email newsletters to let our customers know what's new: products, webinars, upcoming trade shows. If you'd like to be included, just send an email to eone@eone.com with your name, email address, and the subject line "Newsletter Signup." Also, let us know if you're a builder, engineer, or work for a municipality so we send you the most relevant information.

Privacy: E/One will not sell your name or email address. Because we sell through distributors, we may give your information to your local E/One distributor (who will not sell your name, either). Email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E/One Introduces Large Horsepower Lift Pumps

E/One has unveiled its new 3000 Series pumps.

The high flow (3F Series) and high head (3H Series) grinder pumps are ideal for commercial applications. The heavy-duty grinder pumps are suitable for high-flow applications including multifamily units, schools, commercial applications, strip malls, condominiums, light industrial and other high-density sites. Stations can also be used as lift stations in a gravity sewer system.

The 3F Series grinder pumps are available in 3 hp and 5 hp; 3H Series grinder pumps are available in 3 hp, 5 hp and 7.5 hp. Both simplex and duplex stations are available.

Visit E/One's web site for complete product information

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Sewer System Design Software

E/One offers free software to assist with designing a sewer system that will use E/One grinder pumps. Design Assistant 8 performs hydraulic analysis by calculating your data and determining what pipe sizes will result in optimum system performance.

And, as always, you have the support of E/One available via phone (518-346-6161) or email (eone@eone.com).

Click here to visit the E/One Design Center and download your copy of Design Assistant 8.

Monday, February 8, 2010

WH482 Grinder Pump Station now Available

E/One is pleased to announce that the model WH482 grinder pump station is now available. Announced during WEFTEC, the WH482 is one of several new models that debuted.

The WH482 offers versatility: while the standard configuration has two grinder pumps, the station can have three or four grinder pumps. This station has a capacity of 486 gallons, making it one of the largest of E/One's offerings. It can also handle flows of up to 3500 gpd (depends on station configuration).

More information about the WH482 is available on E/One's web site. For purchase information, contact your local E/One distributor.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

E/One to Exhibit at International Builders' Show

E/One will be exhibiting at the International Builders' Show next week, January 19-22, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Be sure to check us out at Exhibit #N1459.

The International Builders' Show is the largest annual building industry tradeshow in the country. It's the place to see and discuss the hottest products on the market and network with your friends and allies. Visit www.buildersshow.com for more information.

If you're going to be at the show, be sure to check out E/One at Show Village. There will be three great homes to visit, among other activities. E/One will have installations at two of them -- one indoor and one outdoor. This is a great way to see E/One's products. Visit the Show Village web site at http://pbshowvillage.com for more information.