Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E/One Introduces Large Horsepower Lift Pumps

E/One has unveiled its new 3000 Series pumps.

The high flow (3F Series) and high head (3H Series) grinder pumps are ideal for commercial applications. The heavy-duty grinder pumps are suitable for high-flow applications including multifamily units, schools, commercial applications, strip malls, condominiums, light industrial and other high-density sites. Stations can also be used as lift stations in a gravity sewer system.

The 3F Series grinder pumps are available in 3 hp and 5 hp; 3H Series grinder pumps are available in 3 hp, 5 hp and 7.5 hp. Both simplex and duplex stations are available.

Visit E/One's web site for complete product information

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