Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Webinar: Evaluating and Deploying a Pressure Sewer System

Back on March 29, E/One's Clark Henry, director of engineering, and Dan Goncz, of Gannett Fleming Engineering in Erie, PA, moderated a very interesting webinar, "Evaluating and Deploying a Pressure Sewer System."

In case you missed the live version, E/One has the archived recording on its web site. Also, several attendees were interested in a sewer system design webinar -- we have that, too, also archived. Visit the Webinar page on eone.com to check out these great webinars.

Is there a topic you'd like E/One to cover in a future webinar? Send your suggestions to eone@eone.com with the subject line "Webinar Suggestion."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Case Study: Elwood, Kansas

The April issue of WaterWorld magazine features an E/One case study. Elwood, Kansas, has one of the largest gravity sewer system replacement projects in the country. The gravity sewer system had a lot of infiltration problems. Nine lift stations ran constantly to clear the groundwater. Manholes and sections of sewer mains were constantly sinking. Then, there was the flood of 1993.

How big of a flood? The town was washed out and need to be re-sewered. Click here to read the entire article in WaterWorld magazine.