Monday, April 6, 2009

Grinder Pump Product Spotlight: Model DH071

E/One's model DH071 grinder pump station is a popular option for single-family homes. The DH071 is a simplex station that includes one grinder pump with integrated level sensing controls, a 70-gallon tank made from HDPE, an an alarm panel. Available tank heights range from 61 inches to 160 inches.

The DH071 is a newer model of E/One's popular GP 2010 grinder pump station. The 2010 used E/One's 2000 Series grinder pump, while the DH071 uses E/One's Extreme Series grinder pump that was launched in 2007.

Visit E/One's web site for more information about the DH071 grinder pump and other E/One grinder pump stations.

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