Monday, April 20, 2009

E/One Product Spotlight: Alarm Panels

E/One offers a range of alarm panels for its grinder pumps. Called the E/One Sentry panel, a range of features is available to fit your needs. All panels are corrosion-proof, NEMA 4X-rated, thermoplastic enclosures and supplied with audible and visual high level alarms. Standard panels are approved by UL, CSA, CE and NSF to ensure high quality and safety.

Basic Panel: The Basic panel includes audible (with manual silence) and visual alarms, manual run feature and run indicator, redundant start function with high-level alarm, terminal blocks and ground lugs.

Protect Panel: The Protect panel includes all of the features of the Basic panel. Trouble indication shuts down the pump temporarily in the event of an unacceptable operating condition (brownout conditions with the electrical power supply; system over-pressure condition such as with a closed valve; run-dry operation of the pump). The Protect panel also has a contact group (dry, powered, Remote Sentry).

Protect Plus Panel: The Protect Plus panel includes all of the features of the Basic and Protect panels, but also offers a predictive status display module; pre-alarm indication for major operating parameters; alarm indications for major operating parameters; hour meter, cycle counter and alarm delay; and an LCD display and user-friendly interface.

PreSTAT Panel: E/One Sentry PreSTAT provides advance warning of pending service needs by monitoring major operating conditions. A Trouble indication is provided when these conditions fall outside of normal ranges, although the grinder pump station may continue to operate. PreSTAT also includes a programmable auto-dialer; predictive status display module; hour meter, cycle counter and alarm delay; LCD display and user-friendly interface.

Many options are available. More information about E/One Sentry alarm panels, including drawings, can be found in the Product Catalog section of E/One's web site.

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