Monday, February 25, 2013

Article: Replacement Parts — OEM Parts are Chosen for Long Life & High Efficiency

This article in the November 2012 issue of Pumps & Systems magazine caught our eyes. Although the author works in an industry completely different from E/One, the theme of the article still applies: non-OEM replacement parts are not the answer when a pump or system requires service.

Upon first inspection, non-OEM parts may look and feel the same as the OEM parts. But there is a reason that they may cost less — they could be made from differently materials, which in the end, will not save you money. The difference in material could mean that pump performance is reduced, meaning that other parts could wear out faster because the pump is working harder overall. Or those non-OEM parts just wear out faster, requiring service more often. How does that save money?

A few of E/One's replacement parts,
stamped with the E/One logo
How can you be sure that you're getting E/One genuine parts for grinder pumps and alarm panels?
  • E/One has a network of authorized distributors. Visit our web site to find out who and where they are located. Many of our distributors also have their own authorized service centers. 
  • E/One's replacement parts are marked with the E/One logo. It's an easy way for you to tell the genuine parts from the imposters.
  • If in doubt, contact us. Is someone offering a great deal on overstock? There may be a reason why: they could be obsolete parts, or non-OEM parts. The seller is probably not an authorized distributor or service center, either. We can answer your questions: email us at or contact the Field Service Department at 518.346.6161.

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