Monday, October 26, 2009

E/One Grinder Pump Case Studies in Pumps & Systems Magazine

The current issue of Pumps & Systems magazine features a special section devoted to grinder and chopper pumps. This section features and article entitled, "Grinder Pump Driven Pressure Sewer Systems." The article highlights two communities that use E/One grinder pumps:

Athens, Tennessee
Athens, which we talked about here a few months ago, suffered from extreme infiltration problems. An aging gravity sewer system could not handle the town's wastewater flow, and rainwater that bypassed the pump station made the situation worse.

Instead of building a new gravity sewer system, Athens decided to use a pressure sewer system using E/One grinder pumps. Installation was less disruptive, saving on construction costs. The reduced flow into the wastewater treatment plant resulted in an annual (treatment) savings of more than $89,000.

Marion, Massachusetts
The New England coast poses several geo-technical challenges: sloping terrain, rock, high groundwater and sandy soil. When Marion needed to expand its sewer system, pressure sewer was the obvious choice.

Pressure sewer service to the 455 homes saved 40 percent over the cost of the proposed gravity system -- and was completed in half the time of the gravity sewer proposal.

Additional Case Studies
To read more articles about communities who have successfully used E/One grinder pumps, visit the Case Studies and Technical Reprints sections on E/One's web site.

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