Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grinder Pump Repair: Why not Call my Plumber?

We’re often asked if any plumber can repair an E/One grinder pump. The answer is “probably not.” While some plumbers may have experience working with sump pumps and septic tanks, grinder pumps are different and should be repaired by a trained service center.

We’ve heard E/One grinder pumps referred to as “throwaway pumps,” meaning that instead of being repaired, they must be replaced. This is not true at all. There are thousands of E/One grinder pumps that were installed in the 1970’s that are still in operation. Have they been serviced in some way? Likely. But we do hear from homeowners who have never needed repair on their pumps, even after 25 years of operation. The average mean time between service calls? Eight to 10 years.

E/One has a network of sales and service providers around the country. We recommend that you contact the distributor closest to you for service and/or repair. Our distributors are trained and can diagnose your pump’s problem – and tell you whether the pump requires repair or replacement. Contact information for E/One’s distributors is available here, on E/One’s web site.

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